Chapter 3.1.8
Elizabeth Bramhill Tetreau
By Lauretta Shewan

Elizabeth Bramhill was born July 15, 1891 in Palmerston, Minto Township, Ontario, Canada, and died December 20, 1968 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. She married Emery Tetreau on December 21, 1917 in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. Emery was the son of Arthur Tetreau and Emily Mousseau.

Elizabeth Bramhill, daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth (Bent) Bramhill came out west to Saskatchewan to visit her sister Sarah (Bramhill) and Alfred Munford in the spring of 1917. While there she met Emery Tetreau. Emery was born in Badaxe Michigan, U.S. on June 3, 1890.

When he started to school he couldn’t speak a word of English, only spoke French. At Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, on Dec. 21, 1917, Elizabeth (Aunt Lizzie as we called her) and Emery were married and went to live on Emery’s homestead in the Horse Creek district, 8 miles straight south of where Sarah and Alfred Munford lived. Aunt Lizzie was the postmistress for the Horse Creek Post Office for many years only giving it up when they retired and moved to Moose Jaw in 1966. The Post Office had been set up in a corner of their kitchen. Two years after Lizzie and Emery retired the Horse Creek Post office was officially closed.

In the early days the Post Offices were a valuable asset to the community as horse and buggies, teams with sleighs, and horseback were the only means of transportation. In 1913 the railway line came through from Assiniboia to Shaunavon. So then Meyronne was the distribution centre for the mail. Mr. McCrea would meet the train in Meyronne and distribute the mail to Milly, Summercove and Horse Creek post offices. This was a 70-mile round trip by horse and buggy.

In 1928 the railroad came through and the little town of McCord sprang up and it was only 16 miles to take the mail to the Horse Creek Post office. By this time there were automobiles that were used in the summer, but in the winter horses and a sleigh were used to carry the mail.

Emery and Lizzie had four children - Lyla, Berniece, Gladys and Bruce.

This picture is Lizzie standing on the left side; Keziah also standing and Sarah Munford seated.

Children of Elizabeth Bramhill and Emery Tetreau are:
                Lyla Marie Tetreau b. September 15, 1918, Weyburn, Saskatchewan
                Berneice Geraldine Tetreau b. December 2, 1919, Palmerston, Ontario
                Gladys Emily Tetreau b. July 5, 1928, Meyronne, Saskatchewan
                Bruce Emery Tetreau b. January 24, 1931, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

Early Family Letters

This letter was sent from Elizabeth Bramhill, wife of Matthew, to her daughter Elizabeth dated January 20, 1936.

Dear Lizzie, Emery & Family,

Well Lizzie I must tell you how the dress fitted – just fine. The sleeves is nice. It couldn’t fit me any better. Nice length. Was just looking at some snaps shots that I have in a box. There is such a lot of snaps that I keep yours and Sarah Elizabeth Brechin by themselves. Bruce will be quite a little man now. How old is he? I seen him three times in those pictures. Well you have got a nice family. I think that is plenty for anybody.

I was over to Tommies for Christmas. Cora came over for me day before Christmas. Robert & Margaret and I and Tommie & the two girls just 6 of us. At home Violet’s father & mother, Milton, Dora and the 4 children and Ethel’s and her 3 children. Ira and Eva and one little boy that’s 12, Clendon & Violet and 7 children 19. Put two tables together and all set down at once. Robert and the two girls was up to town last day of the old year.

Margaret rung out and said they would come over for me. So I went down (with) them and at night Mrs. Jackson Henderson and Mrs. Carson and Sam Henderson, that is Mrs. Jackson boy, and we was eating a lunch at midnight old year out and the new year in. John Tommie and the two girls, Robert and the two girls and I that was 7, it was a lonesome Christmas & New Years. Robert seems very loansom he says their is nobody to see after anything but himself. Robert took me up to Gertie Thursday afternoon. I stayed there until Monday morning when John Tommie took Edeth to school he called for me.

I had started a quilt and Cora wanted me to take it over their and she would help me with it so I took my quilt patches down to Robert’s with me. The girls took them home with them New Years night. Edeth put it three-parts together than I finished on Monday for noon than John Tommie was going to town in the afternoon. Cora and I went along and I got the batten lining and some silkeene to tie it with. The next day along came Mrs. Jackson Henderson and she helped to put it in the quilting frames. Cora done 2 or 3 blocks that night. The next day Cora and I worked at it all the next day than the next day Cora Salter came and helped in the afternoon that Robert’s hired girl than on Friday Cora and I finished it, hemmed it. Cora hemmed it on the machine. I took it home all done on Saturday. Its for Matthew if he goes on that place he bought. I want to give him a cupple of pillows and two or three quilts.

Clendon is going to put ice in part of the woodhouse to sell in town next summer, expect to get the ice in next week. This has been a very stormy week. Couldn’t do anything at the ice this week. Clendon went to Harriston and bought a western horse. There is car loads coming in all around. Our radio tells us about these horses coming. Listowel, Mount Forest and Harriston. The paper says something about a carload coming into town. Horses is scarse. Quite a lot wanting horses.

I guess that all for this time. Well I must thank you for that nice dress.

With Love to All,
Mother & Grandma

Children of Elizabeth (Bramhill) and Emery Tetreau

By Gladys Weis (daughter of Elizabeth Bramhill and Emery Tetreau)

1. Lyla Marie

Lyla Marie was born on September 15, 1918 in Weyburn Saskatchewan, Canada. She married M. Johnnie Clifford Olson on October 10, 1939 in United Church Manse, Baharm, Saskatchewan, Canada.

They farmed south of McCord for several years and because of harder times moved to a farm at McAuley Manitoba, but before this move they spent some time working for an oil company. In 1959 they moved to the James Richardson farm at Winnipeg Manitoba. After Johnnie’s death in August 1974 Lyla moved into Winnipeg.

She took a Nurses Aid Course and worked with the handicapped in a hospital for a few years. At the time writing (April 2000) Lyla is in a care-home.

Their children:
                Bobbie Emery     b. March 17, 1941
                Elaine Marie        b. August 9, 1942
                Marilyn Vivian     b. January 31, 1946
                Baby Boy            b. March 10, 1951 (deceased)
                Darlene Lyla        b. July 6, 1953
                Debbie Joy          b. June 2, 1955

Johnnie & Lyla's Family
Taken approx. 1969.

Back Row - L to R: Debbie, Elaine, Bobbie, Marilyn, Darlene.
Seated - L to R: Johnnie, Lyla

Children of – Lyla Marie Tetreau and Johnnie Olson:

I. Bobbie Emery Olson was born March 17, 1941. He married Patricia Lenchynelyn on March 6, 1961. Divorced around 1966. They had one daughter and one son.

Their children:
                1. Garry Steven Olson, born April 7, 1961, Winnipeg, Manitoba. He married Tammy Smith. They have two children
                            i. Michael Olson, born October 4, 1980
                            ii. Kerri Olson born December 20, 1989

                2. Connie Lyla Olson, born on February 23, 1964 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She married Daniel Jan Chajkowski, September 1, 1990. Connie and Daniel are divorced.

Bobbie married Eileen Tyler on July 30, 1977. They were divorced in 1981. They had one daughter .Their children:
                1. Amy Tyler, born January 29, 1979.

II. Elaine Marie Olson was born on August 9, 1942 in Kincaid, Saskatchewan. She married Donald (Don) McPherson on January 31, 1959 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. They had four daughters.

Their children:
                1. Sheryline Anne McPherson was born December 11, 1959. She married Cliff McCailum August 20, 1975. They have three children.
                            i. Cori McCailum, born April 20, 1979.
                            ii. Brandon McCailum, born March 25, 1983
                            iii. Garrett McCailum, born March 15, 1985

                2. Kim Elaine McPherson was born October 10, 1961. She married Vincent Miller July 4, 1987. They have two children.
                            i. Chaz-a-rae Michelle, Miller born July 21, 1988.
                            ii. Cole Vincent Miller, born June 12, 1994.

                3. Dawn Lisa McPherson was born October 24, 1965. She married Alan Hegarty June 25, 1988. They have two children.
                            i. Chasidy Dawn Hegerty, born April 22, 1991.
                            ii. Tanner James Hegerty, born October 24, 1994.

                4. Michelle Rae McPherson was born February 2, 1967. Deceased July 10, 1984

III. Marilyn Vivian Olson was born January 31, 1946. She married Don Cunningham, November 7, 1964. They had three children.
                1. Stacey John Cunningham, born June 6, 1965. He married Paula Cook August 1996.
                2. Sandy Donald Cunningham, born June 21, 1966
                3. Scot Sheldon Cunningham, born July 6, 1969.

Marilyn and Don divorced 1973. Marilyn remarried to Don Thompson in June 1974.
The above children have taken the name Thompson.

IV. Baby Olson, born March 10, 1951. Deceased .

V. Darlene Lyla Olson was born July 6, 1953. She married Robert Gafka on December 10, 1971. They had one daughter.

                1. Taralynn Lyla Gafka was born September 5, 1972. She married Geoffery Semmens December 31, 1994. They have one child .
                            i. Ashlynn Grace Semmens, born October 17, 1998.

Darlene divorced and remarried to Randy Bohemier 1981.

VI. Debbie Joy Olson was born June 2, 1955. She married Lit Drougett on November 22, 1984.

Debbie Joy Olson and her husband, Maurucio Lit Drogvett, traveled with the Great American Circus. Debbie worked as a Hairstylist and in the Concessions. Maurucio was a Performer, Promoter and Manager of the Circus.

They have one daughter.
                1. Chaz-Lit Drougett, born January 11, 1986
                2. Berneice Geraldine

Berneice Geraldine was born on December 2, 1919 near Palmerston in Minto Township, Ontario, Canada. She married Leonard Morrison on September 2, 1942. Leonard died on December 18, 1997.

Their life was one of a variety of things. Len was in the Army when they married. They had their hand at farming and working in the store business. Berneice worked in a store for awhile when they went to Yellowknife in 1971. Their main career was working for both the Provincial and Federal Governments, which took them to several places to live. Later in 1974 Len became a United Nations employee with the International Labour Organization so they spent over a year in Port Moresby, New Guinea. They returned to Regina in 1976 and took on work primarily writing operational manuals for the Canadian Arctic Co-op Federation.

Len retired in 1981, and then they managed a few apartment buildings and seniors’ home in Regina. Berneice died on May 29, 1993.

Their children:
                Keith Godfrey b. August 8, 1946
                Dalton Leroy b. September 2, 1950
                Gordon Lloyd Emery b. September 30, 1955

Children of – Berneice Geraldine Tetreau and Leonard (Len) Morrison

*Norman Frank Morrison was born September 15, 1940. (Son of Len from previous marriage) He married Dorothy Glaspiel 1962. - They had one son Gregory.

I. Keith Godfrey Morrison was born August 8, 1948. He married Brenda Blohm in 1968.
They had two children.
                1. Michelle Morrison, born September 17, 1968.
                2. Michael Morrison born September 24, 1969

. Keith and Brenda have separated

II. Dalton Leroy Morrison was born September 2, 1950.

III. Gordon Lloyd Emery Morrison was born September 30, 1955.
Married Kenda Jensen on April 30, 1983.
*Cara Jensen (daughter of Kenda)

                1. Deanna Morrison, born May 5, 1984.
                2. Mason Lloyd Morrison born July 4, 1985.

Berneice's Family Picture - Taken 1992
L to R - Lloyd, Norman, Len, Berneice, Dalton, Keith

3. Gladys Emily was born on July 5, 1928 in Meyronne, Saskatchewan, Canada. She married Herman Weis on July 26, 1949.
They have lived in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan since the fall of 1949 working at various places among them doing janitorial, truck driver, school bus driver and later operating his own driver training business.
Gladys worked as a child care worker from September 1975 to June 1998.

Their children:
                Judy Gwendolyn Elizabeth Gladys b. October 21, 1952
                Margot Jean Emily Merle b. September 13, 1954
                Dean Emery Herman b. November 3, 1955
                Donna Mae Melinda b. March 11, 1960

Children of – Gladys Emily Tetreau and Herman Weis

I. Judy Gwendolyn Elizabeth Gladys Weis born October 21, 1952. She married John (Jack) Mooney on September 1, 1973. They had five children.
                1. James Robert Mooney, born July 10, 1974.
                2. Justin Charles Mooney, born June 17, 1975. Married Jennifer Jocelyn June 3, 1995.
                3. Jeremy John Mooney, born June 28, 1979. Deceased November 9, 1979.
                4. Joshua Dean Mooney, born April 21, 1981.
                5. Jacqueline Michelle Mooney, born June 5, 1983.

II. Margot Jean Emily Merle Weis was born September 13, 1954. Married. They have two girls.

III. Dean Emery Herman Weis was born November 3, 1955.

IV. Donna Mae Melinda Weis was born March 11, 1960. She married Russell Forman on December 18, 1976.
They have four children.
                1. Cassandra Rachel Forman born May 1, 1978. She married Russell Hall on October 11, 1997. They have one child.
                            i. Brayden James Hall, born January 8, 2000.
                2. Elizabeth Rose Forman, born March 22, 1979.
                3. Riley Joseph Forman born November 6, 1981.
                4. Christopher Forman, born March 1986. (Chosen)

Gladys Family Picture - 1986
Back: L to R: Margot, Dean, Herman, Judy
Seated: L to R: Donna, Gladys

4. Bruce Emery was born on January 24, 1931 in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Canada. He married Grace Ross on October 8, 1955.
They helped on the farm for a short while. Bruce worked on the railroad and also drove a transport truck. Grace was a typist for the Government while they lived in Regina, Saskatchewan. In 1960 Bruce made the decision to become a Gospel Preacher for the Church of Christ. They left for College in Tennessee, USA. Has been in the work full time since. He will be stepping down from full time service in the late fall of the year 2000. At the time of writing they live in Vernon, British Columbia.

Their children:
                Wanda Francis b. July 16, 1957
                Jann Elizabeth b. October 11, 1975
                Ross Brian b. February 17, 1965 (Chosen)

Children of – Bruce Emery Tetreau and Grace Phoebe Ross.

I. Wanda Francis Tetreau was born July 16, 1957. She married Larry Wilkins in 1987.

II. Ross Brian Tetreau was born February 17, 1965. (Chosen)

III. Jann Elizabeth Tetreau was born October 11, 1975. She married Gerald Knutson in June 1997.

Bruce Tetreau Family - 1995
L to R: Wanda, Bruce, Grace, Jann
Ross, their adopted child, is missing from the picture.


Tetreau Family Picture – 1963
Front Row L to R: Lyla, Emery, Elizabeth (Lizzie), Berniece
Back Row L to R: Johnnie Olson (husband to Lyla), Bruce, his wife Grace, Gladys (husband Herman), Leonard (husband to Berniece)

- End -